10 Spoonie-Themed Gifts for The Holiday Season

I thought I’d put together a little something for those of you who are shopping for a spoonie this holiday season (or those of you who want to treat yourself to a little spoonie something!) It’s all in good fun! Here are a few spoonie themed gifts I’ve stumbled across 🙂

P.S. If you are wondering what the term “spoonie” means or where it came from, please check out “The Spoon Theory”

1.) Heating Pad Covers from Kelly at Handful of Hope


Kelly makes very adorable products, including these charming heating pad covers! She even has wintery options like snowmen and reindeer patterns. $15 each

2.)  Peppermint Bark Holiday Herb Tea from The Republic of Tea


A lot of people with chronic illnesses steer clear of sugars, dyes, gluten, dairy, and artificial ingredients, which can make it tricky to find sweets and treats for them! This tea is free of all of those ingredients (not to mention festive and delightful). It’s filled with healthy ingredients, and soothing peppermint is always welcomed. $11.50 per tin

3.) Spring Blossom “Tea Cups” from The Republic of Tea

s V20210

I repurposed these tea cups as cups to take medicine with. Who knew they had multiple uses, huh? Anyone who takes vitamins, supplements, or medication regularly could benefit from some cute cups like these. They cut down on waste from using disposable “pill cups” and are much cuter, too, if you ask me 🙂 $29.99 per set of 4

4.) “There’s Strong, and There’s Spoonie Strong” Mug from Zazzle

For the spoonie with a sense of humor 🙂 Seasonal Sale for $12 (Original market price $16.95) Please view the site for the image

5.) Pill Box by KellysMagenets


It may seem funny at first, but they ultimately go to good use! My mom gave me a little pill box like this once and they are just so helpful for travel or remembering if you took what you needed to for the day. They’re much more welcomed when they’re patterned as cutely as these, too! $13 each (Floral option here | Dog in Teacup option here)

6.) Spoon Themed Gift

il_570xN.567789589_9khp 808018x

A spoon themed gift has a special meaning to a spoonie 🙂 $18 necklace made from a spoon from SilverSpoonCreations | $10 Count Your Blessings Teaspoon from ChristianBook

7.) Magazine Subscription

Magazines can take a little less energy to page through than reading a book can. And it’s always fun to get mail! Gifting a magazine subscription for something you know someone is interested in is a great idea (YogaJournal is a great one, filled with health-boosting articles. GuidePosts is another, full of inspirational stories and encouragement.)

8.) Electric Blanket


A cute electric blanket can be very warming and comforting for aches and pains. $29.99 each from Target

9.) Fruit Pigmented Lip Glaze from 100% Pure


Many spoonies take part in Lipstick Tuesday, an online event started for girls with chronic illnesses to do fun things they don’t normally get to do, even if they cannot leave the house that day. Things like wearing lipstick (in your pajamas, if need be!) Giving a spoonie a cute lipstick would be meaningful for that very reason. Unfortunately, chemical sensitivities are common in chronic illnesses like M.E., so you do have to be careful choosing a product. 100% Pure is truly natural and dye-free, making it safe in those cases 🙂 $18 each (shown in Coquette)

10.) Cozy Clothing


Warm and cozy clothing are always a lovely and welcomed choice. Socks like these do the trick 🙂 $5 each from Old Navy

What are your ideas for spoonie gifts? Let me know below!


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