A Peace that Refreshes the Soul

God has such a special way of slipping sweet surprises into our lives. The right doors open widely, and light shines through their hallways; a friend sends you a message with just the loving words your aching heart needed to hear; you open a book and the page seems like it was written just for you, just for you today; you start a new journey and see the path before you blooming in radiant colors. These beautiful things pop in our lives and we smile as we recognize Christ’s signature on them. It’s like receiving a letter in the mail without a return address, but immediately recognizing the handwriting as your beloved’s. His work has a special glimmer about it; it’s the kind that captivates you and leaves your heart wrapped in awe and wonder.

Last week, I was delighted by sweet surprises like this. It felt like my life was refreshed with the presence of His artwork and I found myself lifting my eyes and my heart up with joy. I was reminded of His tender provisions in a way that I can’t help but want to share with you. So please, cozy in, my sweet friend, and let me tell you this:

You are enough, right where you are.

God can still work through your life, no matter how many limitations that seem to hold you back. They are not stronger than His will for you.

He placed purpose and value within your soul and within your life, and He knows how to express His glory through you.

You can rest safely in His love, for who you are and where you are never leave His sight.

He has a rescue plan for you; a ransom paid long before you took your first breath.

He met each of your needs before you even recognized them as such!

He is the same God that met each of Adam’s needs in the garden; from breath to nourishment to companionship to love. He will do the same for you, His beloved child.

For He will not leave nor forsake you.

Your journey has just begun!

So with grace fresh in the air and hope blossoming all around us, let’s open our hearts, our bibles, and the doors to our dreams. Let’s share smiles of love, even to strangers, and beam with the joy filling our hearts. Let’s breathe in the peace of Christ and let it soothe our souls. Let’s open our arms to the hurting and embrace them with warm hugs and encouraging words. Let’s speak the truth, even to ourselves. Let’s lay our hearts in the radiance of Christ like we lay in the sunshine; warmed, soothed, and comforted. Let’s detox from Satan’s lies. Let’s stretch our hearts and our bodies and feel the rush of excitement. Let’s thrive in His goodness and spill out in praise. Let’s refresh our weary hearts by drinking deeply of His living water. Let’s live in unity; let’s forgive. Let’s release any bitterness and live full of the sweet reasonableness He’s designed us for. Let’s rejoice, for we can do all of this and so much more in Christ our Savior.

Praying peace to you.


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