Welcome, friends!

It has been on my heart for quite some time to start a blog about chronic pain. Lately this idea has been tugging on my heart non-stop. It seems that I have been constantly presented with more and more people who are hurting, broken, and reaching out for hope despite the overwhelming option of despair. In my struggles and in the stories I’ve heard from my dearly loved friends, I’ve been reminded how rare Christ-like love is, and how much we are in need of it. In this generation, it seems more and more difficult to find self-sacrificial care, and it seems that many people are getting overlooked in their struggles because of it. In a world where illnesses are often misunderstood, and in a world very insensitive to the limitations of chronic illness, many patients find themselves feeling left out and overlooked. Those hurting need a place to feel God’s love, warmth, and peace. While I understand that is a magnificent task, if I can reveal even a sprinkle of His kindness through this blog, I would be humbled and thrilled beyond any possible description.

As I begin to write here, I’d love for you to know that with every post, I am aiming to meet you where you are and relate to your journey as well as share my own. These posts are here to encourage you to be honest about your story, even when it is most vulnerable to share. I hope that you will cozy up here as easily as you would in a nice, spacious couch with plenty of warm, fluffy blankets. I hope you will feel as soothed here as you are by a cup of herbal tea on a rainy day. I hope not only to write here myself, but to bring guest posts from my wonderful fellow-sufferers to expand the empathy and encouragement. It is therapeutic for me to write here, and I hope it is just as therapeutic for you to come here. So please, cozy in and know that you are welcome. Now, let us share our hearts on this journey!


2 thoughts on “Welcome, friends!

  1. Wonderfully worded my dear! So excited to read more, and so happy and proud of you! Love ya Girlie!

    🙂 Rachael

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